Different Types Of OnePlus 7T Covers And Cases

Planning to buy new flagship OnePlus 7T? Well, then there is good news for you. OnePlus 7T mobile covers are available online and offline in different types and patterns. Yes, you read it right. Those days are passé when we had to wait 2-3 weeks to buy the latest OnePlus 7T mobile covers. Now the internet is flooded with almost every type of OnePlus 7T mobile case in different materials. Explore the range of OnePlus 7T back covers online stores and pick your favorite. If you want to know some pros and cons then check out these OnePlus 7T covers and cases.

Leather type: These types of OnePlus 7T covers are made of leather material. It is quite protective, well, the sturdy cases are best to give the best protection to the phone. And it also comes with the flip at the backside. However, these types of covers are bulky and come with basic designs.

Printed covers: Here is the best type of OnePlus 7T back cover.  Well, the funky case comes with so many cool and funky designs that are perfect to give a new look to you and your personality. Nowadays, designer OnePlus 7T cases are vastly categorized at Beyoung in different types of theme-based designs and prints. Also, these types of covers are made of polycarbonate hard case material that ensures the best protection to the phone from all sorts of external damages and scratches. These phone covers are quite reasonable too.

Phone skin: Well, we all know that protection is also very important. These types of OnePlus 7T covers are made of silicon rubber as it is not so protective.

Transparent Silicone case: the most popular type of cover is a transparent one. These types of cases are soft, flexible, and are also known as gel cases. These covers only protect your phone body and not the screen.

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